Wednesday, May 23, 2007

~ Mrs.Little Bit ~

Mrs. Little Bit has decided to spend some time at the Cottage in The Meadow. Mrs. Little Bit has a beautiful nest, with four speckled eggs, firmly nestled in our gravel driveway. This came as quite a surprise to us when we noticed her and her nest at the edge of our drive. She is a Killdeer and they make their nests in gravel and their eggs are a good size that resemble stones.

Mr. Little Bit has been keeping a close look out as Mrs. Little Bit spends most of her days sitting on their nest. Her babies will hatch with their eyes open and they will be ready to scurry about as soon as their feathers dry. I can't wait to meet Mr. and Mrs. Little Bit's family!!


Happymama said...

Killdeers are so funny to watch too. If you get too close to the eggs, they'll fly away and try to draw your attention away from the nest. It's interesting and comical at the same time.

By the way, I'm Kristi from Thimble Thoughts.


Susan said...

Hi, Heather! Thought I'd pop in from your comment on my blog, ByGrace. Your blog is so beautiful and gracious! I'll be back!

I have never heard of a bird building a nest on the ground - it'll be interesting to see the babies and watch the parents. Will they raise the babies right there on your driveway, or move somewhere safer for their family?

Heidi said...

Oh Heather ~ this precious bird has found a great home for its nest as you will make sure nothing happens to it. I hope you enjoy these little baby birds as they hatch.

Jungle Mom said...

Hello from Venezuela. The birds are lovely.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

What a sweet post; I love the name you gave your bird!

Trish said...

What great pics! I love your blog and I will be back often to visit!