Thursday, August 23, 2007

~ Saying, "I Love You" ~

Have you ever wished your husband would say, "I Love You" more often? One day I was thinking about this and I was feeling pretty sad because I felt that I wasn't hearing it enough, but later in the day the Lord brought to my mind all the things my husband does do that shows he loves his family. I began to think of how he calls my daughter and I each day from work, how he often gets us surprises, he calls before leaving work and asks if there is anything he can pick up for us at the grocery store on the way home, he prays for us, writes us letters, sits and helps wrap gifts the night before Christmas, plays fun games with our daughter, he even watches girl movies with us, always takes us fun places, likes doing things with us, tries to be funny, etc... The list went on and on in my mind and I started to feel terrible about my bad attitude. I started seeing all the ways he SHOWS he loves us and started to appreciate more the things he does do and how he shows us each and every day that he loves us. I might not hear, " I love you" as much as I'd like, but I began to be more thankful and I started to see areas in my own life that I need to work on as a wife and I began seeing that I don't always say, " I love you"to him enough. I need to start telling him more often and I need to become better at doing nice things for HIM!!

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Vonna said...

What a very nice testament Heather, to bare your soul to the world and say that I'm wrong. I too have thought many times "he doesn't love me" and then I think about all he does for us too. It's not easy raising 4 young children, but he works hard and diligently to earn the money for us to do so in comfort. He's a real father and I, as a Catholic, often think of how St. Joseph was Jesus's father and how he is portrayed doing it with love and care. That is how I see my husband, caring for us all with the utmost love. Blessing to you this day my friend :)