Wednesday, August 8, 2007

~ Working As For The Lord ~

"...Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, knowing [with all certainty] that it is from the Lord [and not from men] that you will receive the inheritance which is your [real] reward. [The One Whom] you are actually serving [is] the Lord Christ (the Messiah)..." - Colossians 3: 23-24Living by this principle would make a big difference in how we perform at our jobs, or even in the menial tasks around home. Many years ago someone told me a story of a qualified builder that once built houses, ended up building bus stops when he was older. He did this joyfully. It didn’t seem to bother him – he just loved Jesus. It’s all a matter of ‘attitude’.I must admit I struggled with this when I was working. I was in a job I didn’t enjoy for just over 10 years. Each year seemed to get worse. Looking back I realized my attitude was not good towards my job, and I became bitter while I was there. It became a dread each day. No matter what we are doing, we need to remember it is really for the Lord. Even in the secular sector, we are witnesses for Him, so everything we do is for Him.We need to work as if it’s for the LordFor it’s from the Lord we receive our rewardBy M.S.Lowndes

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I found this devotional today after giving this verse a lot of thought because of some things I have been faced with lately. My daughter and I were just talking about this scripture the other day and how when we are faced with work that is hard, we need to remember that we are really doing the work for Christ and that helps the situation. Today a friend mentioned that her daughter is having a hard time at her work and her daughter is handling this situation with such grace and I know it pleases the Lord. Again, the Lord brought this scripture to my mind and this young woman was an encouragement to me. I need to stop fretting over my hard situation and remember each and every day that when I begin this task, it is really the Lord that I am working for. This helps me so much to keep this in my mind and close to my heart. I hope this has also been a blessing to you in what you might be facing.
Amanda, thank you for all that you have done for me this summer. You have been a major help and a blessing!! Grandma and I love and appreciate you SO much!!


Sharon said...

Yes, I have to be reminded of this myself at times. Especially when dealing with others that are difficult.

Vonna said...

Thank you for writing this. I try to live life joyfully, because after all my life is from the Lord. But today has been "one of those days" and I needed to read this to refresh my memory! Thank you!

Decorating Queen said...

Hello Heather,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your post. It was a nice reminder.... everyday is a blessing. nicole

Lana said...

"No matter what we are doing, we need to remember it is really for the Lord."

Amen ~ thank you Heather. Even though we may know this to be true, sometimes we just need to be reminded and encouraged to take it to heart.
Thank you.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great post. It is good for all of us to be reminded of that!

I love your blog, I found you via Lana and have so enjoyed reading some of your past posts.