Sunday, September 2, 2007

~ Secret Surprise Winners ~

We put all the names in a pot and our daughter chose. She pulled out two winners ( I couldn't just have one winner ~I wish I could send each of you a secret surprise )
The winners are:
Sharron and Vonna!!! ** Congratulations!! ** I'll be sending each of you a special surprise this week!!

Note ~ I want you to know I enjoy all of your blogs, but for some reason ( I think it is because we still have dial-up connection) I am not able to reply to most. Hopefully we will have a faster service in the future!!


Sharon said...

I'm so excited to finally win something!!

Congratulations to Vonna, too!

fairmaiden said...

Bless you for your kindness...hope you will be back soon. I just found your blog and it has a sweet calmness..a peaceful place of beauty.