Wednesday, November 7, 2007

~ My Aunt Emma ~

My Aunt Emma was a darling lady and very gifted!! She wrote and had her writing published. Her book of poems are just wonderful and from time to time I will post one. This one is in her book called, "Fireside Fancies" and was published in 1955.
I miss you, Emma!! I miss your kind smile and your sweet laugh. I do not know anyone that has a smile and laugh like you had.

~ "In Appreciation" by Emma Stewart Jacobson ~
Accept, Eternal God, my prayer of thanks
For roses blushing in the twilight's haze,
For grasses drenched with diamond drops of dew,
For azure pastures where soft "cloud sheep" graze.

Accept my thanks for these: The robin's song,
The emerald arches of the trees above,
The murmur of the crystal brook nearby,
The plaintive cooing of the turtle dove.

Accept my thanks for winds that moan and sigh
And shake the leafy trees upon the hill,
For crimson berries dripping honeyed juice,
For velvet moss on stones besides the rill.

Accept, Eternal God, my thanks for all
The beauteous things Thy tender love has planned.
With grateful heart I touch each flower, each leaf,
And in so doing, touch Thy blessed hand!!

I love this poem and tonight I am so thankful, for I have found that our little horse is finally on the mend and we will not need to worry that we will lose him now. Tonight is a very happy night!!


Sharon said...

This is a beautiful poem!!! She was very talented.

Sandra Evertson said...

What a lovely post!
Sandra Evertson

Christine L said...


You are so sweet. That is a lovely poem by your dear Aunt Emma.

I'm SO glad that your dear horse is all better!


Ginger said...

What a lovely poem of thanksgiving - and so full of truth! Thank you and your dear Aunt Emma,

fairmaiden said...

This is so pretty...I just love this poem. Your Aunt Emma is a heart full of beauty.

I am so glad you are back! You we're missed.